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HOC_B_04600_00001-449.jpg.jpgVikelas Dimitrios M. (1835 - 1908)My life: paidikai memories, youthful times.Text
HOC_B_12674_00001-096.jpg.jpgVikelas Dimitrios M. (1835 - 1908)The Greek letters: Ancient GreeceText
HOC_DELTION_EOA_1972_07_00001-020.jpg.jpgs.n.Bulletin Olympic CommitteeText
Vikelas Dimitrios M. (1835 - 1908)Lectures and memoriesText
HOC_B_12657_00001-119.jpg.jpgVikelas Dimitrios M. (1835 - 1908)The consistency is the Greek Kingdom andthe limits thereof: from such Lafmpach until the Berlin sessionText
HOC_B_12658_00001-073.jpg.jpgVikelas Dimitrios M. (1835 - 1908)Le role et les aspirations de la Grece dans la question d 'orientText
HOC_B_12659_00001-463.jpg.jpgVikelas Dimitrios M. (1835 - 1908)La Grece Byzantine et Moderne: essais historiquesText
HOC_B_12655_00001-317.jpg.jpgVikelas Dimitrios M. (1835 - 1908)De Nicopolis a OlympieText
HOC_DELTION_SEGAS_1930_00001-145.jpg.jpgs.n.Bulletin of the Association of Greek Gymnastic and Sports ClubsText
HOC_DELTION_SEGAS_1924_1927_00001-218.jpg.jpgs.n.Bulletin of the Association of Greek Gymnastic and Sports ClubsText